Srvajnanottara Agama Vidya and Yoga Pada or section translated to English by Dr. S.P. Sabharathanam Sivacharyar. One of the most important Saiva Agamas. Subjects include the “direct blissful experience of absolute oneness with Siva,” the nature of the physical self, inner self, self associated with tattvas, self in the form of mantra and the nature of the Supreme Self.

Sarvajnanottara Agama, Yoga Pada: 99 pages




  1. Treatise on Yoga
  2. The Direct Blissful Experience of Absolute Oneness with Siva
  3. On the nature of physical self
  4. On the nature of inner self
  5. On the nature of the self associated with tattvas
  6. The Nature of the Self in the Form of Mantra
  7. The Nature of the Supreme Self