By your very nature, you are Complete; you are Bliss. The practice of Nithya Yoga leads you to the experience of your true Self – the space of completion, the space of positivity and possibility, the pure consciousness, a formless dimension of bliss.  You might ask, if our true nature is bliss, then what blocks us from experiencing it?

Our bio-memory carries a heavy load of thought-patterns which block us from experiencing this bliss. A thought pattern is a pre-defined way of responding to any situation based on a powerful past experience such as failure, rejection, being punished or being subjected to abuse. We often carry these thought-patterns with us through adulthood, sometimes never realizing it. These inadequate cognitions about ourselves and the world are what Nithyananda calls incompletions. Incompletions hinder you from responding to Life as it happens presently. Incompletions are retained in our muscle memory and routinely resurface as similar or repeating thoughts and situations arise in life. When incompletions are relived again and again, they are strengthened and become part of our bio-memory. When you feel like life is pulling you down – when you feel powerless, depressed and depleted of energy – it is due to incompletions. Incompletions block the experience of bliss. By examining these incompletions through the Science of Completion, we can bring ourselves into the space of space of positivity and possibility, the space of eternal bliss, nithyananda.


“With whatever intention, thought, emotion you move your body,
that experience gets deeply recorded into your muscle memory.”

-Raghupati Yogi

Yoga is completion in action
COMING SOON: This will be explained in detail in the section below on Science of Completion.

Yoga is authenticity in action
COMING SOON: This will be explained in detail in the section below on Saptanga Yoga – authenticity.


In Nithya Yoga, we consciously bring awareness to our thoughts and feelings, our inner space, and consciously create the space of positivity and possibility by the process of continuous and spontaneous completion. That space becomes our muscle memory. When it happens again and again, it becomes our bio-memory, and becomes our Life. Nithya Yoga sculpts the body to hold the high frequency of positivity, possibility, leadership and enlightenment. It is the sankalpa, the intention, the space in which we are moving and breathing that is the path and the goal. Nithya Yoga is the direct way to restore our muscle memory to the original space of eternal bliss.

The mind creates the body
While this truth is becoming more widely accepted by today’s scientists, the mystics and masters of the Vedic Tradition have known about it for ages. This can be looked at from the standpoint of both Yogic psychology and Yogic physiology.

Your thinking goes hand in hand with how you want to build yourself. Look inside and identify the thoughts and images that are constantly in your mind. Incompletions that are remembered again and again are strengthened until they become your life. They first become your muscle memory with remembrance, then they become your bio-memory with constant, repeated remembrance, and ultimately, they become your space and your life. For example, if you keep telling yourself you are unhealthy, you will eventually fall sick even when you were not sick.

As you start completion with your negative thoughts patterns and root patterns by reliving them consciously, you become relieved of them and you will be able to create what you truly want in your life.

From the physiological standpoint, emotions that are repeatedly and intensely experienced have a strong impact on the body. For each emotion, different glands in the body release different chemicals in response to that emotion. In time, the constant release of stress hormones creates an imbalance in our metabolism and body systems, leading to what we call disease. Not only does this show up at the cellular level, it is also visible physically. One look at someone can tell us what state of mind and what emotions this person is experiencing on a regular basis. What is the facial expression of someone who is constantly angry? What is the physical posture of someone who feels the burden of life? In comparison, what is the manner of someone who has full confidence and joy in life?

Every cell of our body is constantly replaced by new cells
This is a well-known fact in the scientific community. Over the course of a few years, every organ in our body is practically a new one! This has been proven in modern-day allopathic medical science and described in Ayurveda, the ancient holistic system of medicine from the Vedic Tradition.

If new cells are being created, but we carry the same mind, we will carry the same disease in the new cells and in the new body. Our mind creates our body.

We ourselves are responsible for carrying our old diseases. By its very nature, our whole being wants to experience fulfillment, joy and bliss! But unconsciously, we keep bringing back the same pain, the same suffering again and again, by connecting our past memories and the future projections to the present moment. We never live in the present moment. Some part of the past or present is always with us and affecting how we think, feel and move. If we think that we have had headaches continuously for the last 10 years, we will expect to have the same headache tomorrow as well! This is how our bio-memory takes shape. This is how the mind creates the body. It remembers negative memories. Nithya Yoga can bring us back to our natural state of balance and health.

Nithya Yoga Is For Everyone
Irrespective of culture, religion, fitness level and flexibility, every body can practice Nithya Yoga. You do not need prior experience with yoga, just the intention to heal your mind and body.

Yoga Is Now
Patanjali says in Chapter 1, Verse 1 of Yoga Sutra, “Atha yoga aunshasanam”.  In his commentary on this sutra, Paramahamasa Nithyananda says, “Yoga is now. Come to this moment and yoga will start happening. Come down from your dreams and fantasies. Enter into reality.”
Come to this moment and you will experience yoga
Completion brings you back to this moment, from where you respond to life spontaneously, without the influence of past thought root patterns.


“Nithya Yoga is the process to tune your bio-memory to the highest possible coherence
for living, radiating, sharing the inner bliss and causing our reality and being the cause
for others reality to happen.”

-Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Yogic Body, Vedic Mind
A yogic body is one which is well built, healthy, flexible, graceful and joyful. It is a body awakened to its peak capacity. A Vedic mind is one which practices liberated thinking, analyzing, finding solutions, expressing itself through the Four Inner powers of life (Authenticity, Integrity, Responsibility, and Enriching), from the space of positivity and possibility. Nithya Yoga is a lifestyle to create a yogic body and a Vedic mind.
Nithya Yoga liberates you from the limited cognition of your mind
The cognition mostly created from an incident of powerlessness or unbalanced feelings which happened at a young age. You create a completely new bio-memory based on the cognition that you are a complete person of unlimited potential and possibilities, where your consciousness radiates the state of completion, of Nithyananda, eternal bliss.
Nithya Yoga teaches you to live life to its peak, to live from a space of positivity, possibility, leadership and enlightenment, where Life itself starts happening.