deekshaWhile extolling the benefits of a disciplined practice, yogic texts do not hesitate to declare that the results equivalent to 12 years of strenuous sadhana (spiritual discipline) can be granted by the Guru in a moment to a disciple who is open to it. While theoretically, the entire kriya may be assembled and taught by anybody with sufficient knowledge of the yogic scriptures, the benefits of practicing the same kriya in the presence of a highly evolved being are simply inestimable. This is especially so when participants are open to the revered process of deeksha (initiation by the Master).


The highly scientific yet mystical experience of deeksha can be explained to some extent by the principle of resonance. Just as a bowl of water will begin to hum when struck with a metal rod at the right frequency, an energy adept can subtly entrain the practitioner’s energy into higher spiritual frequencies by the sheer pressure of his own positive vibration. At such moments, the body and mind lose their natural resistance and awaken to their own highest possibility of health and well-being.