(JP 81 -83)


Translation:  Place both heels below the arms, knees and thighs should remain lifted up, take both the hands towards sky and orma a lotus with the help of fingers.  At the root of the palm a hole be formed where the sadhaka should bring his gaze.  Also, contract the abdomen which means practice Uddiyana.


  • Opens the hips, groin, thighs and knees
  • Open the chest and increases lung & capacity
  • Stretches  toes & strengthens the toes, back, abdominals and diaphragm
  • Engages abdominals with Uddiyana bandha
  • Increases blood flow to stomach and brain
  • Increases digestive fire which aids digestion, assimilation, elimination and purifies the digestive tract of toxins
  • Stimulates the pancreas , beneficial for diabetes
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Balances the mind, soothes irritation, clears depression and anger
  • Devoted to the Sun deity – the provider of energy and intellect
  • Stimulates the  apana vayu to rise and unite with the samana vayu and the prana vayu ( see diagram )

Contraindication – Uddiyana bandha should be avoided  with any heart problems, stomach ulcers, hernia, glaucoma, high blood pressure and during menstruation