(GhS-II.38)  (BrYs-III.46)

Slokha:  Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 4.21.06 PM

Translation: Lie down with face downwards. Place both hands onto the chest,  palms touching ground. Raise the legs into the air  one cubit feet. Lie down on the floor such that the chest portion is resting on the palm.


  • Builds strength and flexibility in the lower back
  • Strengthens the arms and shoulders
  • Recommended for sciatica, lower back pain and slipped disc
  • Massages the internal organs
  • Stimulates digestive fire and improves digestion
  • Improves functioning of the lower abdominal organs
  • Beneficial for anorexia and constipation
  • Stimulates the Swaddhistana chakra
  • Improves concentration

Contraindication: Do not practice if pregnant.