patanjaliPatanjali is a great enlightened master, great inner scientist of the inner world and founder of the system of yoga.

Patanjali is credited with the compilation of the great book the Yoga Sutra. He is known as the ‘Father of Yoga’ because every yoga system, in the thousands of systems that are available today all over the world have their roots in Patanjali’s teachings.

To hear more about Patanjali, please view the discourses given by Paramahamsa Nithyananda on the Yoga Sutras, available on Youtube.






From a discourse given by Paramahamsa Nithyananda on the Yoga Sutras:


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The Story of the penning down of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

So Patanjali feels very strongly he has to express the whole thing as it is. Fortunately Patanjali is blessed with one thousand hoods. Patanjali is supposed to be the incarnation of Adisesha, with one thousand hoods. I can say, mystically if I have to explain, it may not be one thousand heads.

It may be one thousand dedicated heads who have become part of him. One thousand strong disciples who are strongly connected in his inner space, with his inner space, who can just pen down what he is expressing in their dimension… See, a disciple imbibes one dimension of the master. So, each disciple represents one dimension of that master. So, maybe he had thousand strong close disciples who had completely imbibed, felt connected, who can express one dimension of him.

So he decides to pen down the whole thing and goes to the high ecstasy and connects with the whole thousand people, telepathically or whatever way he can. Just connects, no words are shared, no teachings have been given. Just he puts the whole room in high ecstasy, high energy. The whole thousand starts downloading, and whatever they downloaded, they start transcribing, they start transcribing.

The literature produced by Patanjali in his extraordinary way is only called Panini Mahabhashya and the scriptures related to this Yoga Sutra. Please understand, it is not the only book Patanjli wrote. Patanjali wrote few other works. He is trying to express the truth as it is. It is practically like a lightning landing on a body and getting transcribed through the hands; if you can imagine a lightning landing on the body and getting transcribed into words.

Each sutra is independently intelligent to lead you to enlightenment, to lead you to fulfilment. Each sutra is self-fulfilling. I think he knows that in future maybe some sutra may be lost, some will be distorted. The whole thing, all the sutra which he expressed may not be available to the planet earth. So he decided even if one sutra is available, one sutra is available, he decided that should be able to lead a man to ultimate enlightenment.