There are a few beautiful ayurvedic regimes that one can slowly incorporate into a morning routine so you start the day, the right way; alert, aware, energized with bubbling with an intense enthusiasm for the day ahead.


1. Wake Up Early

The first recommendation in the Nithya Yogic Lifestyle is to wake up early. The reason for this is that over sleeping or sleeping in too late can encourage tamas (sluggishness or slothfulness) to manifest in the system.


2. Set a Postive Intention

Before we even open our eyes, we should start our day with a positive intention. Whatever intention we start the day with will set the tone for the rest of the day. You can even perform a technique called silent belly laughter even before sitting up and opening your eyes. All that you need to do continue to lie down and have your eyes closed. Simply think of a funny moment or incident that happened in your life. A moment that made you laugh uproariously and a moment that made your belly shake with laughter. Just visualize this moment and remember how much it made you laugh. Relax into a soft smile and allow the same laughter to rise up in your system. Allow this healing energy of laughter to wash over your entire body and allow it to penetrate every cell.

Allow laughter to implode within your system. Regular laughter is an outer explosion. Silent belly laughter should be an inner explosion of healing energy. Enjoy this feeling of inner bliss and start your day with the understanding that you are this energy of laughter. You are this energy of bliss. Affirm that you will go into your day simply radiating this positive energy. Notice the difference in how people relate to you throughout the day and how they are attracted to your energy and positivity. Notice how many good things come to you when you start your day with such positive energy.


3. Follow a Traditional Ayurvedic Regime

Wash Eyes and Face

To cultivate freshness and alertness, firstly you can wash your face, mouth and eyes. Wash your face with cold water. Then with cool water, wash your eyes, then massage your eyes by gently rubbing them. It is also a nice practice to blink your eyes 10 times.


Drink Water

To wash the gastrointestinal tract, flush the kidneys and to promote a good bowel movement, drink a full glass of room-temperature water. This glass of water can be poured the previous night and left to sit overnight. Do not drink water that is too cold as this may shock a vata constitution and provoke kapha associated disorders including cough and cold. Drinking water that is hot is actually recommended instead of luke warm water as this will relax the bowels even more and assist in healthy evacuation. However, hot water will aggravate a pitta constitution. Therefore, it is recommended for all constitutions to have lukewarm water.

It is very common for many people to immediately awaken and prepare tea or coffee in an attempt to kick start them for the day ahead. However, consuming such drinks first thing in the morning can dehydrate the body, over stimulate the adrenal glands and cultivate bad habits.



Next, one should try to have a bowel movement. One should sit (or better to squat) on the toilet and even if one doesn’t have the bowel movement, it is good to simply sit for a few minutes without forcing. Practicing this daily, following the consumption of the glass of luke warm water will develop a good habit in promoting consistent and healthy bowel movement.


NithyaThailaKriya (Oil Pulling)

NithyaThailaKriya or commonly known as ‘oil pulling’ is a highly effective ayurvedic regime that will benefit the individual at the physical level and the energy level.

The way to perform NithyaThailaKriya is to take approximately 10 -15mls of sesame oil or sunflower oil (if you are a pitta constitution) at room temperature. Put this oil into your mouth and commence swishing the oil around with your tongue and pull the oil through your teeth. This action can be performed for at least 10 – 20 minutes. Be sure while performing the oil pulling, not to swallow any of the oil, as the oil will contain toxins that have been extracted from your system. After 10 – 20 minutes, you can spit the oil out. Observe the oil once you have cleared it from your mouth. The oil should have a white and frothy appearance. After removing the oil, ensure that your rinse your mouth thoroughly.

In regards to promoting cleansing and wellness in the bodily system, NithyaTailaKriya is extremely beneficial. It has the capacity to heal any oral problems including bad breath, weak teeth, discoloration of teeth, unhealthy gums and ulcers of the mouth. It can heal a bad throat and also improve the sound of the voice.

The action of NithyaThailaKriya also has a hidden beauty secret. The action can strengthen your jaw thus helping to improve a sagging or double chin. It can also help to lessen the appearance of wrinkles on the cheeks and face.

The NithyaThailaKriya can cleanse the entire body of toxins.

At the energy level, it has been established that there is a direct connection between the NithyaThailaKriya and the cleansing of the manipuraka chakra (solar plexus energy center). All of our thoughts and our inner chatter originate from the manipuraka chakra; so, when it is clean, the thoughts undergo a radical change from being heavy and depressive to becoming light and positive. All the physical and mental toxins are flushed out with this simple technique. So, we start the day in a very light and vibrant state. We feel enthusiastic going about our daily chores.


Brush Teeth and Scrape Tongue

Next you can brush your teeth and scrape your tongue. Tongue scraping should be considered as a very important aspect of your daily hygiene routine. The quality of your tongue can also be a good indicator as to what your current health and lifestyle is like. More than often, first thing in the morning if you observe your tongue, it will be coated. If you smell your breath and it smells like last nights Italian cuisine, it means that last nights meal is not properly digested. Either you consumed dinner too late or the meal you ate was very hard to digest. If you have not digested last nights food properly, it is advisable to skip breakfast.
To scrape your tongue, you can use a stainless steel tongue scraper or a teaspoon. Using gentle strokes, scrape the tongue from the back to the front until the entire surface is scraped. You can do up to 14 strokes.
Not only does tongue scraping remove bacteria from the tongue, it can send messages to the internal organs and stimulate gastric fire and digestive enzymes.


Oil Massage

Massaging an oil (complimentary to your dosha) over the entire body at the commencement of the day is a great way to relax, refresh and give you increased energy. In the evening, an oil massage will be more tranquilising.
There are certain oils that are more complimentary for the different doshas. They are as follows:


Vata (require oils that are heating and lubricative) – sesame, almond, jojoba, wheatgerm


Pitta (require oils that are cooling) – coconut, sandalwood, almond, sunflower


Kapha (require oils that are heating and invigorating) – sunflower, sesame, safflower, mustard, corn


For maximum benefit, the oil massage should commence from the upper leg. It should be massaged first on the outside and then inside. The lower part of the legs should be massaged followed by a foot massage. After this, the hips and sides should be worked with and the lower back should be massaged, moving upwards, covering the upper back. Then the chest and the arms should be massaged. The head should always be massaged last.