(HR-III.16) (KT – II.46) (YAs-61)


Translation: Sit on the toes and touch the two knees together on the ground.  Place the buttocks on the heels and fold the hands on the chest.

This asana is similar (in some versions the same) as Utkatasana.


  • Engages and strengthens the feet, calves, abdominals and thighs
  • Engages the moola and uddiyana bandhas
  • Improves balance and has a grounding effect
  • Anjali Mudra stimulates the heart chakra and creates a complete energy circuit in the body
  • Removes lethargy, anxiety and depression
  • Allows Kundalini to easily flow upwards
  • Brings attention inwards

Contraindications: Avoid with any ankle pain or injury