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Our Nithya Yoga Travel Study Tour is called, ‘In the Footsteps of Patanjali’.
This journey is not the usual tourist journey that everybody is familiar with. As much as it is about experiencing the richness of the culture, the customs, the traditions and people of South India, it is about experiencing the richness of the inner space too. Any one who has been present in our tour has gone through extraordinary experiences…totally transformative by nature. Our participants experience what it means when ParamahamsaNithyananda says, ‘Live Patanjali’s spirit. Live Patanjalis body language’. Nithya Yoga is not just about asanas and pranayama (which is the portable knowledge), but about the psychological revolution which is the non-portable experience.
The features of this program include;
• A chance to experience the energy of the NithyanandaDhyanapeetam Ashram in Bangalore at the commencement and the conclusion of the program.
• The opportunity to spend time in the spiritual incubator of India and Nithyananda’s birth place – Tiruvannamalai.
• Guided tour and circumbulation of the revered hill (embodiment of Lord Shiva) Arunachala, in Tiruvannamalai.
• Guided tours of the holy sites (temples) where it is said Patanjali had a presence, including his birthplace – Chidambaram.
• In depth learning about the great sage Patanjali and his ancient teachings in the atmosphere of these sacred sites.
• Opportunities to sightsee, shop and experience the diversity and culture of each city or village visited.
• Daily sessions of Nithya Yoga and meditation.
• Comfortable air conditioned transport and top-end accommodation will be provided.

Is the travel study tour suitable for any person of any age?
Yes, we have taken senior devotees on the tour before. Sometimes there is a little bit of walking required throughout the tour and in quite high temperatures, so we ask that anyone senior who is planning to attend the travel study, check with their doctor first as to whether their condition and health will cope up.
What is the accommodation like throughout the tour?
We endeavour to find the best possible accommodation for our participants in each city we visit. We say that the cost includes ‘top-end’ accommodation. Please remember however, a top-end standard will be different in India compared to a ‘top-end’ standard you will see in Western countries.
All of the places you are accommodated are comfortable, clean, air-conditioned and safe.
What kind of food is provided throughout the tour?
The food provided is sattvic (freshly cooked and usually without green chillis, garlic and onions). Fresh fruit is provided and also water bottles.
The participant’s food is covered in the expense and they can request for any special food if it is within reason.
Are there any certain immunisations I should plan to have before coming to India?
Each country prescribes different immunisations to protect against disease. It is best to check with your doctor what immunisations or boosters you may require before travelling to India.

Upcoming Travel Study Tours
Upcoming Travel Study Tour to be announced.

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