NithyaYoga for Kids

We have teachers who are trained to conduct classes in Nithya Yoga for Kids.
ParamahamsaNithyananda says:
”Every child is a flower waiting to bloom and radiate its own unique beauty and fragrance. Children are born in the blissful state of yoga. Facilitating this natural expression is the sole purpose of Nithya Yoga. Children are encouraged to express their inherent knowledge, intelligence, creativity, love and bliss”.
Nithya Yoga for Kids is a fun, dynamic and blissful 30 – 45 minute yoga session. Children are taught how to breathe with movement, practice Ananda Surya Namaskar (blissful sun salutation) and are given the opportunity to practice a variety of animal asanas (postures) with an intention to imbibe the qualities of those particular animals (e.g. the grace of an eagle (garudasana), the fearlessness of a lion (simhasana) and the agility of a cat (marjarasana)).
The session is aimed at encouraging children to express themselves, promote grace, strengthen their bodies and awaken their inner intelligence.