Nithya Yoga Weightloss Program

The Nithya Yoga for Wellness Workshop (Weight Management), teaches us through yoga and Vedic wisdom, how all can maintain a healthy weight. The reason why there is an increasing epidemic of weight control in the West is because we are taught to address the problem only through diet and exercise. Vedic culture on the other hand looks at weight management in three levels. When we only address the body through diet and exercise, we are only addressing one third of the problem.
The workshop provides insight to all participants that we are in fact made up of matter (body), mind and Being (spirit) and how success in managing weight can be experienced when one understands and knows how to address all three aspects of our make-up.
The workshop also includes:
• An understanding of the negative emotions (in relation to our major energy centres (chakras)) that disturb our Being and cause us to overeat or under-eat.
• How to cook, what to eat, when to eat, how to eat in terms of the ancient Vedic health system – Ayurveda.
• A beautiful dhyana (meditation), asana (body postures) and pranayama (breathing techniques) practice that addresses (cleanses and energizes) the three major chakras (energy centres) that are responsible for weight management.
Workshop Information
Cost: The four hour workshop costs USD 50.

Upcoming Workshops
Next weight management workshop to be announced.

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