Blissful Relationships Workshop

What is a relationship? A relationship is when you invest energy and time to know someone else and this could include a parent/child relationship, mother/son relationship or brother/sister relationship. When we think of the word ‘relationship’, the first thing that comes to mind is a man/woman relationship. The reason for this is because we direct our maximum amount of energy toward such relationships.
The most important thing to do before we endeavour into any relationship is to invest the time in getting to know ourselves. In other words, we should build a relationship with our very self first! When we invest that time in knowing ourselves, we become the ultimate companion for ourselves Webedcome our own best friend.
In the Bible there is a saying, ‘Be full unto your self’. Being full unto your self means that you are in a very deep intimate relationship with yourself and therefore, your whole energy is available to you. Instead of begging or seeking love from another person, in any relationship, love becomes an outpouring in you. It simply overflows in you.
So how does one invest time in themselves? How does one get to know themselves? The answer is through yoga and meditation.
This workshop is a beautiful way to initiate and kindle the relationship with your self. During the four- hour workshop you will;
– Gain an understanding as to why we struggle in many of our relationships
– Learn how our negative emotions play a major role in affecting the strength and length of our relationships
– Address the two major energy centres (chakras) that can affect our relationships by cleansing and energizing them through dhyana (meditation), asana (postures) and pranayama (breath control techniques) practices.
Workshop Information
The cost of this workshop is USD 50.

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