Harnessing the Kundalini Energy for self healing

Energy flows throughout the body through the 72,000 nadis. If there is a disturbance in some part of the energy flow at some part of the body,  there is an impedance to the energy flow forward. That is when you start developing disease, disorders, disturbances in the particular organ. Nithyakriyas are powerful tools which help remove these energy blockages and restores the Life energy flow.


Kundalini is the tremendous potential energy that lies latent in each of us. Kundalini can be described as every individual’s hotline to the infinite cosmic energy. Once awakened by appropriate yogic practices, and the guidance and grace of the guru, Kundalini showers a host of blessings on the practitioner, including a big boost in energy levels, physical well-being, the falling away of negative mental patterns, true inner fulfillment and a deep connection to the universal Source.


When the body is aligned in certain postures during the kriya practice, the energy block gets removed. Putting the body in certain asanas makes the circuit free. Once the block is removed, the kumbhaka part of the pranayama pumps in kundalini energy.  Only through kumbhaka the energy gets pumped into the circuit.  If the energy circuit is even aligned for a few seconds, and the energy is pumped in, you are free, you are out of the disorder or disease.  When energy flow is reestablished, the disease or disturbance is healed.


These kriyas are not just ordinary asana, kumbhaka, pranayama. It is like different chemicals.  Separately, they may take ten years to cure a disease or disturbance.  Mixed properly in certain combinations, they remove the disease in two days.  They are a unique contribution to the world.


NithyaKriyas involve the combination of these components: –

1.         Yoga Asana

2.         Kumbhaka

3.         Visualization

4.         External Sound – chanting

5.         Internal sound –  hearing of mantra chant


Whatever is needed for the body to heal from any disease,  can be derived from combinations of the above five components. The healing achieved by Nithyakriyas is permanent as it works on the cellular bio-memory level. It generates natural steroids and therefore has no side-effects.


Besides the healing, the NithyaKriyas have a powerful permanent effect on your very brain functioning. They awaken the non-mechanical parts of the brain. Certain parts of the brain are responsible for our day to day bodily functions like digestion, respiration, walking, sitting, etc. But this constitutes only a small percentage of the brain. This is what we refer to here as the mechanical parts of the brain. Most of our brain power is actually untapped; these untapped areas when activated, are responsible for the manifestation of many extraordinary powers. This is what we refer to here as the non-mechanical parts of the brain. Awakening all the non-mechanical parts of the brain, can be done just by adding the right chemicals, enzymes and hormones to the body. Since your higher consciousness is already reflected on the body, the body naturally experiences the peak conscious coherence.