What makes Nithya Yoga unique and different from other forms of yoga?

Nithya Yoga is based on the direct experience of Paramahamsa Nithyananda, a living Enlightened Master and Avatar, who is established in the consciousness of Patanjali. The practice is for more than just acquiring physical and mental health. It is for bringing about the experience of the highest consciousness, the space of completion, the space of eternal bliss – nithyananda. Nithya Yoga brings to life the ancient authentic system of Yoga as Patanjali wanted, as expressed in his revelations to the world in the Yoga Sutras. Nithyananda, who is established in the consciousness of Patanjali, brings back the consciousness and the body language of Patanjali, using updated words for the modern age.


The practice of Nithya Yoga in its entirety includes not just the practice of asana and pranayama, but the continuous and conscious practice of the Science of Completion, the spiritual powers of integrity in words, authenticity in thinking, responsibility in feeling and enriching in life. One who practices authentic listening and lives these powers will be able to cause his reality, and be the cause of others to cause their reality.


Nithya Yoga teachers have been initiated by Paramahamsa Nithyananda to live in the space of completion. They will be able to express and radiate this state of higher consciousness, enriching people around them to live in the highest space of positivity and possibility..


Nithya Yoga has the ability to take you into the space of completion, liberated thinking, and jivanmukti. It is not just asana practice for health and peace of mind, but a profound transformation tool, showing you a new way of thinking and living life. Everyone can practice this yoga, regardless of the level of fitness or experience or age!


Paramahamsa Nithyananda brings back the 84 traditional asanas in Nithya Yoga. Many of these traditional asanas have been forgotten with the advent of new asanas in modern times. Through class asana practice, Nithya Yoga practice helps you to build a yogic body which is strong and flexible as well as a Vedic mind, a liberated mind, cognizing from the space of positivity and possibility with the clarity of knowing he can achieve whatever he strongly desires.