Time, a Myth!


Time is the greatest lie ever told to humanity. There is no such thing as the existence of time. The sun is rising and setting. The moon is rising and setting. Seasons are happening not as you planned. Please understand, we think, only in modern days the seasons are not happening properly. Seasons never happened properly because there is no such thing as the proper existence for a season. Maybe you try to understand with certain averages, between 20 degrees and 30 degrees, between 60 degrees and 70 degrees. With averages you come up with arguments to support some greatest lie called time. Where is time? There is no such thing as ‘time exists’. Sun rises and falls, moon rises and falls, body rises and falls, that’s all. Where is time? What is the definition of a day? It is not existential reality. A day is not a day as you think. It is the definition you created, which the whole world has accepted non-controversially.


Any definition accepted non controversially by the world does not become existential reality. It’s a taught fact. If all of us sit together and pass a certain resolution, “let there not be any more tsunami’s on the planet earth”, you think it is going to become existential reality? At the most it can become a law in all the places where human beings are living but not more than that. Time is the root cause of all sufferings. Realize this one truth and decide not to bend for anything. See, as per your reality, anything which you perceive for a long period you conceive that as a reality.

That is why you think of dreams as illusions because you perceive that for only a few hours. This waking state you perceive as reality, because you perceive this for 70 years. So you perceive this as a reality. Time is the worst myth, greatest lie, the most sadistic concept taught to human beings by the unconscious human beings who are in turn taught that same foolishness by some other unconscious human beings. Do not inherit sadism. When you learn the concept of time, you inherit sadism.


Life needs to be lived with the tremendous freedom that time is a lie. Being an external to all the happenings internally is what I mean by being liberated from time. Please understand, being external to all the happenings internally – means whatever you consider as the internal happening, the concept of time, stress created by time, strengths and weaknesses of your body and mind, the ideas and experience you have about consciousness, all are experienced as internal. When it is experienced as external, you are beyond time.

Meditate on this one sacred secret. Live this sutra, live this one sacred secret. Whatever you think of as internal should become external to you. The more and more internal things become external for you, the more you are grown spiritually. Understand, if inside there are a hundred things, for somebody twenty things may become external.

This means initially your body will become external for you. Yes, this is not me. Then, your prana, your air circulation will become external for you. This is not me. Then mental thoughts will become external for you. This is not me. But initially, all this will be internal for you. Then emotions, ‘Oh! This is not me!’

Understand, this is externalizing all the most subtle internal happenings. When you internalize the external things, more and more bondage happens. When you externalize internal things, more and more liberation happens, that’s all. When you externalize, first the body becomes external, then prana becomes external, then the thoughts becomes external. Then emotions become external. Then the pains caused by those emotions become external, then the very experience of consciousness becomes external. Only finally, ultimately, the pure consciousness alone remains as internal. I am revealing one of the important truths.

Taken from Nithyananda’s Patanjali Yoga Sutra Discourses in July, 2011, Bidadi Ashram