Awareness on Third Eye to be Non- Judgemental

To truly capture the essence of liberation, it helps to understand the third eye at a deeper level. At present, an individual’s view of the world is only 120 degrees wide. This implies that concentrating on a specific object will require all other objects to be excluded, resulting in a narrower degree of vision. However, turning all awareness to the third eye and focusing on the subject rather than on the object will ultimately expand the degree of vision. Everything will be absorbed with newly found detail and clarity, from an enhanced perspective.

In addition to turning all awareness towards the third eye, Shiva also says that awareness must prevail even before a thought arises. Typically, when a thought rises, it is either suppressed or pursued. In either case, there is no awareness of the thought before it rises. Just as the divine trinity creates, maintains and destroys, the human mind is continuously involved in either creating a thought, keeping it alive or killing it.

It is when an individual moves beyond these three actions that he attains the state of enlightenment, of Para Brahma. Going beyond the actions of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva (Hindu trinity of Gods) in creation, maintenance and destruction of a thought will awaken one to the ultimate reality that he IS existence. In essence, being aware of a thought even before it rises is eternal liberation in its greatest form.

Usually, an individual is tied down by his thoughts; he forms an opinion without even looking at the situation with clarity. There are two ways of forming an opinion – either by collecting enough arguments to arrive at the judgement or by passing the verdict and then collecting enough arguments to support it. The average human is bound by the latter, and being aware of a thought even before it rises sets him free from this judgemental attitude. However, it is important to know the difference between being aware of a thought and suppressing the thought as it rises. For example, neither suppressing nor expressing anger will help. However, being in a state of awareness even before the anger arises is the only way to truly break free from the pattern of thought.

Taken from Nithyananda’s Shiva Sutra Talks, November 2007, Los Angeles, USA