Nithya Yoga is the system of yoga founded by enlightened Master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

You may question, “Is Nithya Yoga just one more ‘new’ system of yoga surfacing in the ever booming market of yoga?”

It is not.

In all truth, Nithya Yoga is the most original and most ancient system of yoga. Nithya Yoga is bringing back the truths that are encoded in the most ancient authority on yoga, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. It is bringing back the truths which have been lost through the passage of time.

When Paramahamsa Nithyananda first delivered Nithya Yoga to the world, the first thing he said was, “I have not created Nithya Yoga. I don’t have ownership to it. It is the deepest representation of Patanjali’s truths as encoded in the Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. It is something that is already there and is being brought out once again.”

Nithya Yoga

The Nithya Yoga practice is a beautifully structured sixty minute class that includes most traditional yogic practices including postures (asana), breath control techniques (pranayama), stylised hand gestures (mudras), relaxation, rejuvination (shivasana) and deep meditation (dhyana).

A typical class comprises of nine guidelines that essentially help us experience the space of nithya yoga, eternal uniting, moment to moment, every moment. They include:
Centering Meditation
a. PatanjaliDhyaan – Students walk into the class and centre themselves by intense movement of every part of the body, loosening of the muscles, removing lethargy and restlessness of the body-mind. This simple technique brings intense awareness and helps the student to be totally and completely anchored in the body.
b. Breath Awareness – Next, sitting in a comfortable posture, students bring their awareness to the breath. Just watching the breath anchors the mind deeply within. The frequency of thoughts reduces dramatically and it becomes easy to set the intention for the session.

In Nithya Yoga we believe a strong, conscious intention or sankalpa stated positively brings with it the energy to fulfil it. So the students are encouraged to set the intention for the class with depth and clarity.

Once the intention is set, students are asked to move their body with a deep visualisation of the intention so that it can be recorded and stored in the muscle memory. Then, when the body and breath are moved with awareness they empower the bio-energy to absorb the visualisation and make it a physical reality. In Nithya Yoga we operate from the truth stated by ParamahamsaNithyananda, ‘With whatever intention you move your body, it is that intention that gets inscribed in the muscle memory’. Adequate importance is given to the setting of the intention and the visualisation process.

Asanas or Postures
Next comes the practice of asanas or physical postures. As the student moves into a vinyasakrama (the intelligent positioning of postures that flow into one another) the emphasis is on moving the body and breath with awareness to awaken the potential energy and the innermost intelligence present in every cell of the body. Students experience a deep cleansing, healing and rejuvination as the physical and psychological toxins get washed away from the system.
Different sets of asana are done to experience flexibility and energy. These asana are always done in unison with the breath so that the effect of each is intensified.
One such default vinyasakrama is the suryanamaskar or sun salutation. It comes either in the beginning of anasana practice session, as a deep warm up for more advanced postures, or it in itself is a prime vinyasa.
The suryanamaskar is a practice that cannot be reduced to a physical movement that stretches, limbers, tones and strengthens the entire body and spine. It is a complete spiritual practice (sadhana) on its own. It is an expression of gratitude to the sun outside of oneself; however, in a deeper sense, suryanamaskar is a practice that enables one to recognize one’s own inner sun. Surya namaskar will awaken the body intelligence to directly create energy from the sun. It works on all body parts, every organ, every system and every chakra (energy center). A daily practice of a complete set of twelve repetitions of suryanamaskar along with the respective mantra chant is enough to reap enormous benefits at the level of body-mind-spirit. It is aptly described as the king of asana.

Pranayama or Breathing Technique
With the body awakened through the asana practice, students are ready to go deeper with the breath. Here the students need to understand that when we practice pranayama, we are not only taking in oxygen but also taking inprana. Prana is cosmic intelligence; it is life force energy. We prepare the lungs through different breathing techniques so we can receive more and more pranashakti inside of us. The pranashakti comes in through the oxygen. When we take in more oxygen, we essentially take in more pranashakti. Consequently, strength and vitality is increased, the nervous system is calmed and the body and mind are relaxed for meditation to happen.

Shivasana – Body Gratitude Relaxation
Once nithya yoga is over, students lie down to offer gratitude to each and every part of the body, starting from the toes and moving progressively upward to the crown of the head.
No, we haven’t made a mistake using the word ‘shivasana’ instead of ‘shavasana’ (corpse pose). When we relax our body with complete awareness and gratitude, we move into a space of deep healing and rejuvenation. Shava means corpse and Shiva means rejuvenation.
Therefore in Nithya Yoga we do shivasana. Truth be told, shivasana is essentially the most important aspect of the entire practice where our body is preparted to receive the deep understanding of its true nature, bliss at all levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. our body can relax, heal and rejuvinate.

Students are guided to turn to the side and sit up. Then the affirmation, ‘I am intensely and completely radiating nithyananda, eternal bliss’ is stated with a deep conviction.

We finish the class by chanting ‘Poorna Mantra and Om Nithyanandam’. The meaning of this chant is: ‘may you be in a state of eternal bliss, which is your very nature’.
At the end of the class, students are reminded about who they truly are. It is this reminder, this essence that is carried by the student throughout the day, to lead the life of a jeevanmukta or living enlightenment.

Yoga Festivals and Events

Nithya Yoga has a presence at most major yoga festivals in countries where we have teachers. Our presence at these festivals provides the community a chance to gain more insight to our system and to have the chance to purchase our products which include books, DVD’s and some merchandise.

Stress Management

During this workshop you will be given the tools to empower yourself and enhance your energy. It is not just about managing your life efficiently – it is about celebrating your life. Efficiency, intelligence, productivity and creativity come as a natural side effect from enjoying a stress free life.
This workshop includes;

  • Langhana hatha yoga postures
  • Breathing for relaxation
  • Learning to un-clutch

Workshop Information
Cost: The four hour workshop costs USD 50.

Upcoming Workshops
Next stress management workshop to be announced.

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Blissful Relationships Workshop

What is a relationship? A relationship is when you invest energy and time to know someone else and this could include a parent/child relationship, mother/son relationship or brother/sister relationship. When we think of the word ‘relationship’, the first thing that comes to mind is a man/woman relationship. The reason for this is because we direct our maximum amount of energy toward such relationships.
The most important thing to do before we endeavour into any relationship is to invest the time in getting to know ourselves. In other words, we should build a relationship with our very self first! When we invest that time in knowing ourselves, we become the ultimate companion for ourselves Webedcome our own best friend.
In the Bible there is a saying, ‘Be full unto your self’. Being full unto your self means that you are in a very deep intimate relationship with yourself and therefore, your whole energy is available to you. Instead of begging or seeking love from another person, in any relationship, love becomes an outpouring in you. It simply overflows in you.
So how does one invest time in themselves? How does one get to know themselves? The answer is through yoga and meditation.
This workshop is a beautiful way to initiate and kindle the relationship with your self. During the four- hour workshop you will;
– Gain an understanding as to why we struggle in many of our relationships
– Learn how our negative emotions play a major role in affecting the strength and length of our relationships
– Address the two major energy centres (chakras) that can affect our relationships by cleansing and energizing them through dhyana (meditation), asana (postures) and pranayama (breath control techniques) practices.
Workshop Information
The cost of this workshop is USD 50.

Upcoming Workshops
The next blissful relationships workshop to be announced.

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Nithya Yoga for eN-Pregnancy

Cooming soon

NithyaYoga for Kids

We have teachers who are trained to conduct classes in Nithya Yoga for Kids.
ParamahamsaNithyananda says:
”Every child is a flower waiting to bloom and radiate its own unique beauty and fragrance. Children are born in the blissful state of yoga. Facilitating this natural expression is the sole purpose of Nithya Yoga. Children are encouraged to express their inherent knowledge, intelligence, creativity, love and bliss”.
Nithya Yoga for Kids is a fun, dynamic and blissful 30 – 45 minute yoga session. Children are taught how to breathe with movement, practice Ananda Surya Namaskar (blissful sun salutation) and are given the opportunity to practice a variety of animal asanas (postures) with an intention to imbibe the qualities of those particular animals (e.g. the grace of an eagle (garudasana), the fearlessness of a lion (simhasana) and the agility of a cat (marjarasana)).
The session is aimed at encouraging children to express themselves, promote grace, strengthen their bodies and awaken their inner intelligence.

Nithya Yoga Weightloss Program

The Nithya Yoga for Wellness Workshop (Weight Management), teaches us through yoga and Vedic wisdom, how all can maintain a healthy weight. The reason why there is an increasing epidemic of weight control in the West is because we are taught to address the problem only through diet and exercise. Vedic culture on the other hand looks at weight management in three levels. When we only address the body through diet and exercise, we are only addressing one third of the problem.
The workshop provides insight to all participants that we are in fact made up of matter (body), mind and Being (spirit) and how success in managing weight can be experienced when one understands and knows how to address all three aspects of our make-up.
The workshop also includes:
• An understanding of the negative emotions (in relation to our major energy centres (chakras)) that disturb our Being and cause us to overeat or under-eat.
• How to cook, what to eat, when to eat, how to eat in terms of the ancient Vedic health system – Ayurveda.
• A beautiful dhyana (meditation), asana (body postures) and pranayama (breathing techniques) practice that addresses (cleanses and energizes) the three major chakras (energy centres) that are responsible for weight management.
Workshop Information
Cost: The four hour workshop costs USD 50.

Upcoming Workshops
Next weight management workshop to be announced.

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Travel Study Tours

Our Nithya Yoga Travel Study Tour is called, ‘In the Footsteps of Patanjali’.
This journey is not the usual tourist journey that everybody is familiar with. As much as it is about experiencing the richness of the culture, the customs, the traditions and people of South India, it is about experiencing the richness of the inner space too. Any one who has been present in our tour has gone through extraordinary experiences…totally transformative by nature. Our participants experience what it means when ParamahamsaNithyananda says, ‘Live Patanjali’s spirit. Live Patanjalis body language’. Nithya Yoga is not just about asanas and pranayama (which is the portable knowledge), but about the psychological revolution which is the non-portable experience.
The features of this program include;
• A chance to experience the energy of the NithyanandaDhyanapeetam Ashram in Bangalore at the commencement and the conclusion of the program.
• The opportunity to spend time in the spiritual incubator of India and Nithyananda’s birth place – Tiruvannamalai.
• Guided tour and circumbulation of the revered hill (embodiment of Lord Shiva) Arunachala, in Tiruvannamalai.
• Guided tours of the holy sites (temples) where it is said Patanjali had a presence, including his birthplace – Chidambaram.
• In depth learning about the great sage Patanjali and his ancient teachings in the atmosphere of these sacred sites.
• Opportunities to sightsee, shop and experience the diversity and culture of each city or village visited.
• Daily sessions of Nithya Yoga and meditation.
• Comfortable air conditioned transport and top-end accommodation will be provided.

Is the travel study tour suitable for any person of any age?
Yes, we have taken senior devotees on the tour before. Sometimes there is a little bit of walking required throughout the tour and in quite high temperatures, so we ask that anyone senior who is planning to attend the travel study, check with their doctor first as to whether their condition and health will cope up.
What is the accommodation like throughout the tour?
We endeavour to find the best possible accommodation for our participants in each city we visit. We say that the cost includes ‘top-end’ accommodation. Please remember however, a top-end standard will be different in India compared to a ‘top-end’ standard you will see in Western countries.
All of the places you are accommodated are comfortable, clean, air-conditioned and safe.
What kind of food is provided throughout the tour?
The food provided is sattvic (freshly cooked and usually without green chillis, garlic and onions). Fresh fruit is provided and also water bottles.
The participant’s food is covered in the expense and they can request for any special food if it is within reason.
Are there any certain immunisations I should plan to have before coming to India?
Each country prescribes different immunisations to protect against disease. It is best to check with your doctor what immunisations or boosters you may require before travelling to India.

Upcoming Travel Study Tours
Upcoming Travel Study Tour to be announced.

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Nithya Yoga Classes

The Nithya Yoga Practice, is a beautifully structured ninety minute class that includes most traditional yogic practices including asana (body postures), pranayama (breath control techniques), mudra (hand gestures) andsivasana (relaxtion). In total, we have ten different techniques that we practice in a Nithya Yoga class:


Click here for the detailed description of the Nithya Yoga Practice


Nithya Yoga classes are conducted frequently in various parts of the world where we have certified teachers.

Click here to find your nearest Nithya Yoga teacher

Click here to view our schedule of Nithya Yoga classes all over the world

  • Is ‘Nithya Yoga for Being’ suitable for beginners?

Yes the ‘Nithya Yoga for Being’ class is suitable for all levels, whether you are brand new to yoga or at an intermediate or advanced level.

  • What is the duration of a Nithya Yoga class?

The Nithya Yoga for Being class has a duration of 1.5 hours – 2 hours. It is always best that students plan to be there throughout the entire duration of the class.

  • Do you need to be flexible to do Nithya Yoga?

Flexibility, strength and balance are not required for someone to attend a Nithya Yoga class.

  • Is it necessary to have done any other yoga practice before starting a Nithya Yoga practice?

No. Actually the less experience you have in yoga, the better and easier it will be for you to enter the Nithya Yoga class. You will be able to enter the class with a complete curiosity and an open mind and take the most out of it.

  • Is there anything I need to bring to a Nithya Yoga class?

Just bring your self, an open mind and an intensity to go deeply into yourself. Apart from that, there are some general tips and etiquette you can keep in mind before coming to any class.

General Tips

  • We do not advocate in Nithya Yoga drinking lots of water during class. Please ensure you hydrate by drinking water one hour before you come to the class. You can bring a bottle of water, but try to start sipping only after the class finishes.
  • Please come with an empty stomach; meaning after a main meal, at least give a 2 – 3 hour gap before starting your practice.
  • Wear comfortable and loose clothing. Please avoid jeans, belts and any other tight fitting clothing. If you are coming to class before or after work, try to bring a change of comfortable clothes.
  • We don’t advise that people who have high blood pressure, heart problems, have had recent surgery or who are pregnant to practice Nithya Yoga.

General Yoga Etiquette

  • Aim to arrive at the venue where the class is being conducted at least 10 – 15 minutes early. This is the case especially if you are doing Nithya Yoga for the first time. The teacher will need you to sign a waiver and they may give you a small brief about the class. You will also get the chance to let the teacher know if you have a condition or injury that may require special instruction or modifications.
  • Avoid bringing pagers, cell phones and other such items into the classroom. Remember that your Nithya Yoga class is the appointment you have made with yourself. Honour that appointment and use this time to be completely with yourself.
  • If you have your own yoga mat, you can bring it along otherwise most teachers will provide mats for you.
  • If you come to the class with a family member or friend, avoid standing next to them in the classroom. Again we use this class to completely go inwards and focus on ourselves. Usually when students come with others they know, they end up being a distraction for each other.
  • In Nithya Yoga, we advocate highly one of the yamas in ashtanga yoga and that is aparigraha. This means ‘living with minimal things’. Avoid bringing blankets, cushions, pillows, notepads, books and other bulky items to the class. Bring the bare minimum things and put the aparigraha into practice.



  • Teacher
  • Ma Ranjani
  • Timings
  • Thursday’s 7-8:30am

    Saturday’s 7-8:30am

    Sundays 7-8:30am

  • Venue
  • Income Tax Colony, SaltlakeCity,Kolkata, INDIA
  • Contact
  • Ma Ranjani 0983639333